Team Members

Aria Gojrati

Position: Advisor in Tourism and International Affairs
Education: Foreign Languages and Linguistics
Work History: Since 1991, Aria has been working as an excellent authorized interpreter, tour guide and tour leader in many countries. He speaks English fluently and knows Greek and German too.

Arash Sadeghzadeh

Position: Manager, Tour guide and Travel Advisor
Education: Tourism and Software Engineering
Work History: Young, enthusiastic, knowledgeable and highly organized guide and fixer. Recommended by Lonely Planet.
12 years of experience in tourism industry in Iran has provided Arash with lots of credit. He has beenof being in the Lonely Planet for Iran and for the Middle East recommended tour guides, travel agents and fixers in the past two editions.

Mani Sasanipour

Position: Tour consultant (English Speaking)
Education: Analytical Philosophy, literature, English Teaching.
Work History: Over 5 years experience in Marketing/Sales

Mohsen Hajisaeed

Position: Travel Expert, Tour Guide and Tour Organizer
Education: Tourism
Work History: Mohsen has the well-deserved reputation as being one of the best guides in Iran. Based here in Yazd, he’s also an executive of the Yazd Tourism Associations Council. He is unparalleled as a fixer, and is a mine of cultural and practical knowledge. Recommended by Lonely Planet.

Abbas Safaie

Position: Public Relations Manager, Tour Guide and Tour Organizer
Education: Mechanical Engineering, Tourism
Work History: For the past 2 years, Abbas has been working as a reliable knowledgeable tour guide. He speaks English fluently.

Haniyeh Rabie

Position: Interpreter, Tour guide and Travel Expert
Education: BA in English Translation, MA in Tourism Planning
Work History: Haniyeh has been an official tour guide since 2006 and worked as a translator and interpreter for more than 10 years. She speaks English fluently and knows some Spanish and German.

Azadeh Khademi

Position: Travel Expert, Tour Guide
Education: BA in English Translation and MA in Historical Languages and Cultures
Work History: Knowledgeable French and English speaking female guide. Recommended by Lonely Planet.

Mina Eslami

Position: Travel Expert, Tour Guide and Tour Organizer
Education: Tourism, Astronomy and English Translating
Work History: For 7 years Mina has been working as a recommended tour guide and organized many tours around Iran. Astronimcal tours are her speciality.